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Gongfu sessions at The Good Liver Wed Nov 13 at 300PM Fri Nov 15 at 100PM + 230PM Sat Nov 16 at 100PM + 230PM Wed Nov 20 at 300PM Fri Nov 22 at 100PM + 230PM Sat Nov 23 at 100PM + 230PM $25 / 60 min tasting || Limited space 705 Mateo St. 90021 DTLA Arts District
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Gong Fu means ‘the art of doing something well’. In the Chinese tea ceremony known as Gong Fu Cha, the implication is that time — effort — and dedication will produce a profound tea experience. For this fall tasting series we will slowly imbibe two puerhs over an hour and experience an autumnal slow down through a duality of raw and ripe puerh tea — exemplifying a stark yang/yin contrast in flavors and characteristics. 2016 Fade Raw Puerh from W2T  Fade is a raw puerh tea, pressed in 2016 using 2015 Huangpian [the largest leaf in Puer processing] material from Yiwu prefecture. Raw puerh traditionally denotes camellia sinensis var. assamica that is harvested, pile fermented, and pressed to age. Fade is characteristically soft — sweet — and thick, with a slight sour note that will give way to honey and smoothness with successive steeps. Fade also has a strong body feeling as it's re-steeped, though that varies from person to person.  Tasting notes: Floral, Green Grapes, Ocean Mist 2016 Trap Bird Ripe Puerh from W2T  Trap Bird is a ripe puerh tea, pressed in 2016 with small grade leaf from Menghai.  Ripe puerh traditionally denotes camellia sinensis var. assamica that is harvested, hyper-fermented with a proprietary culture, and pressed to age.  Trap Bird is characteristically dark and earthy in a "post rain" sense, yet with a lighter body than most other ripe puerhs.  Ripe puerh is often touted for its superpowers: contains antioxidants, aids in digestion, lowers blood sugar — and promotes weight loss. Tasting notes: Whiskey, Apricot, Earth... and a touch of dry wood